The truck market is an extremely soulful category that usually lacks a soulful narrative. We wanted to change that. We set out to tie the strength of a truck owner’s character to the strength of the product itself. And here’s where it gets interesting. The character and values of truck drivers have changed over the years. Instead of seeing themselves as rebels or go-it-alone John Wayne-types, these were men (primarily) who lived by a different code. In essence, our launch campaign was an exploration of what it means to be strong in modern America: sometimes as a father, sometimes as a husband, sometimes not even being a man.

I’ll start with my personal favorite.

Having a woman as the star of a truck commercial was, and is, unusual. Another favorite.

And just to show the range of this campaign, sometimes we could dial down the soulfulness and amp up the soul, as we did for this Super Bowl spot.

I thought the outdoor turned out very well, too.

ECD, Writer – Additional Credits: David Aryiss, Ron Saltmarsh, Steve Chavez, Jack Crifasi, Cameron McIntosh, Matt Perry, Stephen Kerry, Adam Simmons, Adam Van Dyke, Brian Dooley, Steve Glinski, Tim Thomas, Daniel Lobaton, Morris Davila