Oh dear. I feel a parenthetical statement coming on. (My partner on this campaign, Mike Mazza, tells a great story.  Back in the last century creatives used to laminate their work and stick each ad in a black portfolio case and that’s how you showed your work. As such, these laminated ads were very important to your career. Skip ahead a few years. One morning, Mike comes out of his house to discover that some jackass had broken his front passenger side window. What’s more, it was raining.  He thinks for a moment. Then runs inside, digs out one of these laminated Straight Cut ads, and duct tapes it to the broken window. There’s a poignant message here, one I don’t want to dwell on.)

Straight Cuts was an editing company in LA. Editors select the good takes and reject the bad ones. Just like this campaign, which won two silver One Show pencils.

Writer – Additional Credits: Mike Mazza